Tom takes a trip to Tyler, Texas

Recently Wagner Heating & Air was invited to go tour the Trane factory in Tyler, Texas. We had heard great things about this experience so we were very excited for the opportunity. So in the second week of September, we sent Tom Wagner to see, if indeed, everything is bigger in Texas! Here is how it went:

I, along with a handful of other BC Trane dealers, recently had the opportunity to tour the Trane factory and headquarters in Tyler, Texas. I witnessed first hand the manufacturing of Trane air conditioners from beginning to end while meeting some of the great people behind production. I toured every department of research and development and noticed a great sense of pride from everyone I met. A pride that I didn't fully appreciate until I saw the product testing department. Here I walked through room after room of Trane furnaces, heat pumps and air conditioners all running constantly under the worst conditions. I went from a test room that simulated the hottest summer day to a refrigerated room where it snows every Wednesday. I saw furnaces that had been running for over ten years without fail. When they do finally stop running, they find out why and fix it. The most impressive product test was a Trane made compressor engulfed in a block of ice that was still running and has been for twelve years. The employees call it Snowball two; Snowball one lasted 27 years.

From my experience installing and servicing Trane equipment I was already familiar with the high quality with which they are made. After seeing all this and more first hand, I share that sense of pride with all Trane employees, it is my continuing goal to install their equipment as well as it is built. Even the slogan "It's Hard To Stop A Trane" has new meaning for me.

Thank you to everyone at National Energy Equipment and Trane for making this such a memorable experience.